AdWords account management – Teamzet’s approach

  • Requirement Analysis: We discuss with client about their quarterly, half-yearly and annual business development targets via Internet marketing. Later, a set of realistic goals are drafted.
  • The potential traffic sources are identified (Google search/search partners/display partners, social media e.t.c) and draft copy of approximate traffic and budget estimates are sent to the client.
  • Keyword mining for Google search is done based on the inputs provided by the client. This step focuses on mining hidden/least-popular keywords with potential to generate qualified traffic with lowest cost-per-click. The client reviews the keyword list.
  • Display advertising opportunities on Google display network are identified and documented. The client reviews the opportunities.
  • Social media strategy is defined (if applicable). Social media audience demographics is finalized and reviewed by the client.
  • The actual ad campaigns are set up based on the information generated from step-1 thru step-6
  • Cookie-based Retargeting for visitors is set-up (optional).
  • The ad operations team will manually work on bid optimization every day after setting up the ad campaigns to ensure we spend only the minimum amount required as per the varying competitors’ bid rates.
  • Analytics – The ad performance is reviewed and reported to the client at the end of the first month.
  • Feedback based optimization – The ad-campaigns are tweaked to match the observations of the web analytics of the past month. New keywords are added, non-performing keywords are removed, ad creatives are changed, and landing pages are optimized as per the past month’s performance.
  • Monthly tasks – Repeat step-8 thru step-10

AdWords Bid Management Process

Our ad operations executives are the best resources to monitor the bidding process on a daily basis up to 10k keywords/account. If the no.of keywords exceed 10k per account, we suggest using third party bid management tool – Adobe Media Optimizer – from Adobe marketing cloud. For accounts with a budget of more than 50K USD/month, we strongly recommend using the world’s best digital marketing attribution platform from Visual IQ

Note- We can help you with these third-party tools integration into your marketing campaign seamlessly. Separate service charges apply.

AdWords account ownership:

The account can be owned by the client or our agency. However, we recommend that the account is owned and operated by the agency for simplifying the whole process of billing and reporting!

AdWords account management charges:

For a budget of 10k USD/month, the approximate cost for Search marketing + Google display network advertising + Analytics + Retargeting, the monthly charges would be around 1k USD. (Apart from the fixed cost that is paid upfront for initial campaign setup, keyword research and landing page creation/optimization). Lesser monthly budgets, will have a different pricing model. A minimum budget of 5000 USD/month is mandatory.

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