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Your company logo determines how you are perceived in the market. It is a strong reflection of your personality and the values your brand espouses. A powerful logo can be the most influential marketing tool for your business.

Think about powerful brands such as Starbucks, Coca-cola, Mercedes-Benz or Apple. Any product of theirs can be traced back to the company simply by seeing the logo. Several studies have undisputedly proven the power of images over text, when it comes to influencing audience, which is further proof of the inherent power in a logo.

However, just any logo will not create brand identity for you. Infact, a badly designed logo can have just as much of a negative impact on your brand, as a well thought up logo can work wonders.

At teamzet, we take the following tried and tested approach to the complex art of logo design:

  • Invest quality time in understanding the brand completely – its history, how it currently resonates with clients and the future vision you have for the brand
  • Strategize a logo that will not only reach your buying public but also communicate to them the worth of your product/service
  • Work with you very closely and establish a strong feedback loop to create a well-designed logo that is deliberate in the impact it makes with your target audience

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Logo Design FAQs

Logo design and design in general is always a custom project. There are no 2 design projects that would be 100% identical from complexity, scope and outcome perspectives. Thus if design is non-standard product then it can’t has standard price. In spite of this some design agencies has but I don’t think it’s right. The price for logo design would depend on the problem, industry, style, technique, etc. and every time it would be different.

The same as with the price, you never know what challenges new project will bring, what unexpected problems you will face and how much time it could take. But with years and years of practice, you begin to notice patterns. For example, my personal observation, in order to develop professional logo design, I need at least 3 weeks of work. 2 weeks for research and ideation, and then 1 for search of graphic form to visualizing the idea. Nevertheless I had cases when it took 15 minutes and cases when it took more then 6 months of design work, but within 3 weeks time-frame I can be sure that I will be able to present great results.

First of all, you need to clearly answer the question of what problem do you want to solve with the logo. Remember that logo (and design as well) is a functional tool that helps your business on its path to specific objectives. Out of context, a logo is just a stylish (or not) picture. Do not neglect the power that the logo could has.

It is easier to do if you know what problem the logo is solving. But if talking about a logo as a standalone graphic design project, in my view, the style and technique are secondary, the logo is good when it has cool idea and when you keep finding hidden meanings in it, which were conceived by the designer to reveal an idea and which are not obvious at the first glance. Sometimes it’s just ingeniously.

Today with the logo people understand any type of trademark, but the word “logotype” refers to the text part only. In general trademark could have any representation. It could be graphic, textual or combined, e.g. icon, emblem, wordmark, etc. Which one to chose — depends on your context and objectives.

A logo is one of the key elements of brand visual communication and in the real life it never exists on its own, without a context. That’s why I believe that logo design project is an incomplete project of visual identity design.

This question has always been controversial, and the main thing I can say is that the clients can ask for as many variations as they want, as long as they pay for it. From my own experience, I came to the conclusion that you always have to present only 1 variant. The clients should evaluate whether the presented design works for them or not, whether it fits their business, instead of comparing multiple options between each other. If the presented variant does not fit for some reason, only then you should work on a new one. It is worth considering that in order to make 1 option ready to be presented to the client, usually you have to work out dozens of intermediate options.

It is really possible that you already have skills required to visually reproduce many of existing logos and even very famous ones. The point is that primarily the logo is an idea that helps to solve the business problem, and this requires experience, skills and proficiency in all verity of design techniques that may come in handy, among which there are such as calligraphy, which has been studied for many years and even decades.

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